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This web site includes a mixture of recent work and a few of my best-selling classics. It isn't possible to illustrate all my designs, but this selection gives a good indication of the ways in which even the most complex patterns are made harmonious by the use of natural dyes.

Each jacket takes on average about three months to knit, and the technique of weaving the yarn on every stitch gives the finished garment the texture and strength of cloth. Most are constructed on circular needles, thus eliminating seams. The designs, with the dropped sleeves, exciting shapes and unusual detail have a theatrical quality.

The silk, wool and cashmere blend of yarn is naturally dyed with plants in my converted farm buildings. I am always experimenting with different colours and new methods. The yarn is first washed

About the Natural Dye Company
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and mordanted by hand to enable it to absorb the colour. It is then dipped into different dye baths, achieving an enormously rich palette of colours. Each skein is slightly different, and there can be as many as twenty shades in a single hank of yarn. When knitted, the jackets look almost painted, making each piece of knitting a one-off.

All the jackets, coats and cardigans on the cards can be ordered on the enclosed order form and price list. Alternatively, you are welcome to visit my workshop (by appointment only please) as I usually stock a good selection of one-offs for sale.

I have been dyeing and knitting since 1976. The wonderful combination of natural dyeing and hand-knitting is impossible to imitate. Many people compare my jackets to paintings, but it is both exciting and rewarding to create something colourful and wearable.


hand knitted, naturally dyed jackets, coats and cardigans in silk, wool and cashmere